Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Which came first; The Chicken or the Coop?

We had a slightly different take on the eternal question and for us the answer is, the Chickens. While this may seem counter intuitive, having a flock of fledgling fowl filling the upstairs bathroom certainly provides a heightened urgency to move the Coop Construction from planning to fruition. Our journey into poultry paradise started with an email from Tractor Supply that said the baby chicks had arrived. Conveniently, our Head Toucan just happened to be in the neighborhood and brought home a box full of chicks. Now we needed a place to put them. As we looked at the many coop plans on the Internet and in books we never saw anything that tickled our tail feathers so we improvised and built our own based on the physical limitations of our planned space. We also have a family motto that says " It's never done until it's over-done" so it's overbuilt in the extreme. Please join us as we chronicle the design and building of our "Custom Coop" along with the care and feeding of the flock.

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  1. Yay for chickies! I think we need family shirts that say "It's not done until it is overdone."