Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How firm the foundation...

  Once the presumed pullets were placed in the privy, the need for a dedicated domicile was deemed to dominate my daily doings. Regardless of the Head Toucan’s research, a dormitory drawing could not be devised that fit within our area of dedicated dirt. 

     Given that area available was eight feet and change deep between the two walls and to allow the five feet from the fence line I was mandating with a suitable area for a run, simple math left us with a six by six plot for the coop. Concrete had already been decreed the flooring of choice so on a fine, sunny Saturday with the help of my Father-in-Law and my Son-in-Law, a six foot by six foot by four inch pad was mixed and poured. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 20 ninety pound bags or 1,800 pounds of Quikrete.

With that little project out of the way, I had a week to conjure coop creations that would fit our new pad. Hopefully handfuls of Advil will help get the creative juices flowing!

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  1. Okay. Lets try this again...

    Awesome alliterations as always! :)