Friday, June 17, 2011

The Second Shift

Another week has waned and it was time to get this coop completed.

One plus: Erica came into town to take over where Miqui left off.

One minus: Erica and power tools in the same sentence.


First things first. Jordan and I got the insulation installed. Yes, we insulated the coop with R-13 batting. These are going to be cozy cluckers!


Then the interior sheathing went up.

I was born to do this!

There. All better. Now back to work.

Of course we had a on-site medic to handle any unforeseen injuries, offering the finest in workers care.

She's so proud..

Let's see what kind of damage I can do with this one!

At the end of the weekend, the outside was mostly completed. The empty holes are for the nesting boxes and the “Chicky Door”.

We didn’t quite get it finished this weekend but I’ve really got to make it happen in the next week as the Fowl are flourishing in the Facilities.

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